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  • Number of heads 2 to 8
  • Nominal outlet diameter of 100 to 150 mm
  • Tank capacity of 200 L
  • Reinforced metal or rubber flexible tubes
  • 2 configurations available : Standard/ High temperature


> Our whole range of multi-head air cannons has been developed for wireless use

> All MACSYS hard wired installations can be converted into wireless.



  • IMPACT PRESSURE : Aerodynamics of the head/large capacity tank
  • FAIL-SAFE CONTROL : No MACSYS blast if there is a drop in air pressure
  • SAVINGS & MANAGEMENT : Same heads + spare parts & accessories as AIRCHOC®
  • QUALITY : Tank galvanized inside and outside/cast iron head/service life of over 30 years/reinforced frame
  • MAINTENANCE : Direct access to the mechanism/operation in degraded mode
  • RELIABILITY : Protected quick exhaust valve/self-aligning piston
  • INNOVATION : Reduced filling time/possibility of simultaneous blasts/adjustable heads
  • Visits & technical recommendations (dimensioning & positioning)
  • Supply of the installation plan
  • Possible for us to assemble, supervise and commission the equipment
  • Up to 3-year warranty 
  • In-house & external training (STANDARD INDUSTRIE training institute: IFSI – No. 31 59 05660 59)
  • After-sales service & maintenance contract
  • Statutory monitoring
  • DEFLECTORS : Directing the air flows towards sensitive clogging zones – Steel or refractory stainless steel version
  • AUTOMATIC AND CYCLICAL CONTROL DEVICES : Automatically trigger MACSYS blasts (controls up to 128 MACSYS)
  • INSULATOR : Secures maintenance operations: high temperature, aggressive products, risk of back flow of material
  • SAFETY DEVICE : Ensure the use and maintenance of MACSYS in complete safety (pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, shut-off valve etc.)
  • MAINTENANCE KIT : Reduces intervention time & simplifies inventory management
  • REMOTE CONTROL RAMP : Triggers MACSYS blasts remotely (centralised solenoid valves positioned about six feet off the ground)
  • PNEUMATIC DISTRIBUTOR : Activates MACSYS blasts pneumatically
CUSTOMER: Cement plant in Turkey
PROBLEM: Build ups in the riser ducts leading to production stops.
PRODUCT: Cement mills (future clinker and then cement)
OBJECTIVE: To remove the concretions that disrupt the industrial process and reduce the production capacity.
SOLUTION: Installation of 4 MACSYS Wireless : 2 MACSYS Wireless with 8 heads DN100 + 2 MACSYS Wireless with 5 heads DN100
RESULT: No more kiln shutdown related to the blockage of the riser ducts


CUSTOMER: Household Waste Incineration Plant (HWIP)
PROBLEM: Accumulation on the walls of the afterburner chamber which reduces the energy efficiency of the facility
PRODUCT: RPIFHW (Residues from the Purification of Incineration Fumes from Household Waste)
OBJECTIVE: Preventively eliminate the accumulation of RPIFHW on the walls
SOLUTION: Installation of 2 MACSYS Wireless 6 heads DN150
RESULT: No more disruption of the process. No more accumulation on the walls of the afterburner chamber equipped with MACSYS