GIRONET, silo and hopper cleaning service


  • 360° rotating hinged arm
  • Intervention depth: Up to 45 m
  • Controlled from outside
  • All types of storage units
  • All types of materials
  • 3 versions :

Pneumatic and ATEX Pneumatic for friable products (coal, bran, urea, ash etc.)

Hydraulic : for hard products (slag, cement, clinker etc.)>

  • TOTAL SAFETY: No human presence inside the silos and hoppers/Our teams comply with safety standards
  • SAVINGS: Production continues while intervention/100% storage capacity regained/No loss of material
  • PERFORMANCE: Intervention on all types of materials/rapid & efficient intervention
  • Visits & recommendations
  • Assembly & cleaning by us
  • Rapid intervention
  • Intervention by our specialised teams


  • RISLAN brush: Use for thin layers of materials
  • Stainless steel chains: Makes it possible to remove the material from the wall
  • Brass chains: Makes it possible to remove explosive material from the wall (coal, sugar etc.)



CUSTOMER: One of the leaders in the chemical industry in Germany
PROBLEM: Arch clogging in a silo with a capacity of 9000 m3 (20 m high, 6m diameter). Approximately 15% of the material stored was clogged.
PRODUCT: Sodium carbonate
OBJECTIVE: Empty the silo in order to recover 100% of the storage capacity.
SOLUTION: – First stage: Use of pneumatic POWERNET to create a chimney with a diameter of 350 mm.
– Second stage: Intervention by pneumatic GIRONET and efficiently clean the whole of the silo
RESULT: The customer recovered all of its storage capacity. Production was not stopped and the intervention took place in complete safety and without human intervention inside the storage unit.
CUSTOMER: Food-processing plant
PROBLEM: Following a fire in 2 hoppers, condensation formed, causing substantial caking.
PRODUCT: Rice flour
OBJECTIVE: Stop the caking without having to use rope access technicians.
SOLUTION: – First stage: piercing of an arch using POWERNET
– Second stage: Intervention by GIRONET to stop clogging.
RESULT: The hoppers were completely cleaned without having to use a team of rope access technicians.