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nettoyage industriel usine traitement des déchets

Eliminate blockages and builds-up in storage units and gas lines present in the process. Reduce material flow problems before and after combustion


Our industrial cleaning solutions for waste treatment and incineration plants remove blockages and concretions in storage units, gas pipes and flue gas treatment

Our services enable blockages of sand, lime, cement, ash, raw meal, clinker

Here are some examples of our cleaning solutions : 

  • Cleaning during furnace/Kiln inlet shutdowns
  • Cleaning the feed hopper chute
  • Cleaning of furnace inlets and bypass, tertiary duct
  • Cleaning of the lime kiln – vault
  • Cleaning of the gas ducts
  • Cleaning of the smoke box
  • Cleaning of the preheating tower
  • Cleaning of cyclone and gooseneck
  • Cleaning of the crusher
  • Cleaning of dust collector filter, catalyst, SCR
  • Cleaning of the slide
  • Cleaning of the flour chute
  • Cleaning of and storage silos, cement silos, raw meal silos
  • Cleaning of bridging

=> Cleaning solution with AIRCHOC air cannon cleaning system, air blaster.

truck for boiler ash extraction

Reduce dust and recover material at various locations in the plant for each step of cement production :

We offer suction solutions for vacuuming of cement, clinker, lime, ash, coal, iron ore, clay, alternative fuels

Some examples of our industrial vacuum solutions 

  • Cleaning of raw material storage area
  • Cleaning of the grinding area
  • Cleaning of packaging and bagging area
  • Cleaning of cement mills
  • Cleaning of kiln vaults
  • Cleaning of ATEX areas

étanchéité convoyeur secteur énergie, protection convoyeur de déchet

Eliminate overflow from the conveyor belt, transport belt


Standard Industrie offers solutions to eliminate overflow from the conveyor belt and transport belt

  • Containment of the conveyor, sealing of the belt
  • Dust suppression, sealing

=> Conveyor containment and belt sealing solution: Thanks to the belt containment provided by the LIFTUBE® device, the product circulates as if it were in a hermetic envelope, which reduces the flow of material to the outside and the loss of material from the belt.