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What is industrial cleaning?


We must distinguish the different cleaning companies to fine-tune this sector. Some cleaning companies are specialised in the cleaning of premises or even the maintenance in the context of disinfection or decontamination: these are cleaning companies or cleaning services. Others are specialised in tank cleaning, or even carpet; they will be more integrated in the tertiary sector. They employ cleaning agents whose mission is to clean the premises. Although assimilated to industrial cleaning, these cleaning companies are still far from the actual industrial cleaning.

Indeed industrial cleaning is more purposefully directed towards the cleaning of industrial sites see agribusiness and other industries close to this industry.

For example, they may specialise in post-disaster cleaning and use professional cleaning tools such as steam cleaners; unclogging tools if the plant has silos. Sometimes compressed air will be needed to turn the unclogging tools or to scour them.

Others are in the field of purely industrial cleaning, the sole industries that demand daily cleaning.


Which machine to use for industrial cleaning?


To answer to their customers, these industrial cleaning agents will in some cases have to be equipped with suction machines ranging from small mobile vacuum cleaners to suction trucks.

The range of these suction equipment is very large and some companies are specialised in this field. The industrial cleaning market is growing and is strict. In addition, cleaning equipment must now meet the increased plant requirements to show results. For faster and more efficient cleaning, suction equipment offer answers adapted to the specific needs of industrial cleaning. The larger the plant, the greater the need for industrial cleaning and the expected substantial performance requirements. For this purpose, either the plants are directly equipped with suction trucks which they will lend to external cleaning company operators, or they will require the cleaning company to equip itself with a suction truck.